The Brand

Where it all began….

Beauties With Brains is an empowerment movement gracefully connecting individuals who are striving to maximize their talents with the goal of achieving success. Founded in the prestigious city of medicine, Durham, North Carolina, Beauties With Brains is destined to become nationally known for inspiring, and encouraging individuals to reach their full potential and live a purposeful life.
Indira Felder founded Beauties With Brains in April 2017. On Easter Sunday, she convened the initial Beauties With Brains Brunch and the results surpassed the expectations of the founder and her guests. From then on, her calling was confirmed.

The Butterfly

We chose a butterfly (Two B’s and a W) as our logo because Butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life. The butterfly has one of the most captivating life cycles of all creatures. When I thought about the distinct stages of butterfly development, I began to recognize how they resembled the stages of my own projects, work life and even my spiritual growth.The butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness yet become something so beautiful. Dont rush the catepillar stage, embrace the Chrysalis Stage and celebrate the Butterfly stage.


Our Story

For years, individuals have confided in and gravitated toward Indira in their desire to access her gifting and passion to motivate, empower, and uplift. Although inspired as an outlet for Indira’s commitment to uplifting others, the momentum and buzz surrounding the organization, reflects the general lack of consistent empowerment groups in the RDU area.  As a result, Beauties With Brains was intentionally designed as an organization where individuals can congregate to network to net worth, empower one another, and receive the inspiration needed to exceed their full potentials.


My Mission

While initially apprehensive about fulfilling her own life’s purpose of helping others, the obvious need for Beauties With Brains to be launched overtook Indira’s fears. Knowing that if it did not scare her it was her calling, Indira persevered. More now than ever, Indira is determined to push individuals to utilize their talents and gifts to become and remain successful.